Youtube channels for learning French

Youtube channels for learning French

I haven’t been here for a long time but it doesn’t mean that I gave up my language learning and the pursuit of polyglotism! Summer break allows me to go deeper into languages that I had learnt before I started my real language adventures. I learnt German in high school and I decided to brush up what I had acquired before. I also continue with my French (a real challenge is in front of me but I will tell you later ;)….) and occasionally, I look at some Esperanto lessons (I promised myself to do it almost 2 years ago!).

Today I want to share with you some Youtube channels that may help you learn French. It’s vital to remember that you should watch/listen to authentic materials as soon as possible. That’s why I’m not going to give you links to language podcasts or grammar lessons. There is nothing more useful and efficient in language learning than forgetting about the actual process of learning! When you start following your favourite Youtuber, you think more about what is happening on their channel than about listening comprehension and checking separate words in a dictionary. If you still find it difficult to grip the gist of the material, try lowering the speed, it’s easy to do in the video settings.

Let’s start from some well-known Youtube comedians:



Now let’s turn to gamers:

Cyprien Gaming (Cyprien has got also a comedy channel!)

And cooks!

Hervé Cuisine

And something more girly by French beauty gurus:

EnjoyPhoenix (Marie also cooks and records some daily vlogs on her other channels!)

And finally some educational channels. However, they may be a bit more difficult.

Code MU

Dr Nozman

I hope you will find something that suits your passions and your level of French!

Enjoy and share your favourite channels!

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