Top 5 Internet sources for language learning! [English]

Top 5 Internet sources for language learning! [English]

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I wrote today’s post in English because I thought it may also be useful for people who don’t speak Polish.




A couple of days ago somebody asked me about my language learning routine. I kept talking about my textbooks, dictionaries, etc. when I realized that what I actually cannot live without is the Internet with a few websites that are a must in my learning and comprise my daily basis that really helps to build up my language skills.




Let’s look at top 5 web sources that make language learning much more effective:





1. Memrise



My personal favourite of the last 2 months. I have never learnt so much vocabulary in such a short time! It’s much more automatized and easier to use than traditional flashcards. There are also many ready-to-learn courses that require only our good will to start and acquire huge amounts of new words! And what is the most important, it really works. Words are stored in our long-term memory and we’re ready to use them whenever we need! Remember to repeat the words aloud while planting! (if you want to feed your competitive spirit, there is my Memrise nick: You can follow me and try to compete on the leaderboard! ;))




2. News sites, newspapers and encyclopaedias 



There is nothing better than joining two passions together – curiosity about the world and passion for language learning. To do it, find a few digital newspapers or encyclopaedias and choose one that you will visit every day. Don’t you feel advanced enough to read the news? Try just to look through the headlines or the leads to get the idea what it’s all about and don’t feel discouraged, better times are coming! 😉



News in 12 languages (I use it for French and Portuguese): (there is also „français facile” version and a radio!)
News in 31 languages:
Nothing to explain but maybe you just haven’t thought about it as a good language learning source: (Remember about „Simple English” version if you’re not advanced enough to read articles in standard English!)


3. Websites with listening/watching resources



Listening is one of the most crucial language skills that is necessary to get the message and as well to produce any discourse in a foreign language (can you respond to anyone without listening to them, huh?). Valuable listening input helps not only to understand spoken discourse but also to improve your own speaking skills. Any hesitation? Just check out the following websites:

Free audio books: 
Free software to access various radio stations from all over the world:
English audio courses based mostly on the British culture:
French videos from TV 5 Monde with transcriptions and exercises:
My favourite smartphone app for podcasts:
Great website with thousands of recordings in different languages:


4. Dictionaries online and dictionary-like websites 🙂



Does learning a language without dictionary make sense at all? 🙂

All the words in the world. Pronounced.
Example sentences in 180 languages!
My personal favourite when it comes to „traditional” online dictionaries:
Great English dictionary with many curious facts about words and interesting list of dictionaries for other languages:


5. Language fun websites:



Who does not like playing with words, solve riddles, do crosswords, etc.? Enjoy language learning and make it your new favourite kind of entertainment!

Games and riddles in many languages (and other categories)
More fun activities:
Even more fun activities (beginners):




And finally, best language blogs:
%name Top 5 Internet sources for language learning! [English]

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